We also sell NEW tyres!

Used Tyres South Africa prides itself on ensuring that we have a suitable, safe and reliable product that matches your budget.

We have made available a range of quality new tyres for your peace of mind. The two brands that we carry at present are Constancy Tyres and Grenlander Tyres. The two global brands offer superior quality tyres and affordable prices.

Know your tyre size?

If you know the tyre size located on your tyre size wall, then simply select the values below and we will see if we have a tyre size to suit your vehicle. Please note that your speed rating is not compulsory.

Find My Tyre/s

What do my tyre markings mean?

Ever wondered what the numerical values on the face of your tyres stand for or mean? Here is a quick illustration to help you understand what each value represents.

A guide for finding tyre size